Vision Greenwood Park is a community-led effort to expand and improve our neighborhood park. Greenwood Park is located between Fremont and Evanston Avenues and North 87th and 89th Streets. Our vision evolved from a community planning process that engaged local groups and neighbors to explore ways to expand and enhance the Park. The biggest needs identified were to create more activities for teens and seniors and make it a safer place.

The major elements of the plan are:
Community Garden—a universally accessible garden with a number of raised beds and paved paths will create a space where neighbors, youth from the North Seattle Boys and Girls Club, and members of the Greenwood Senior Center can grow local, organic produce for themselves and the Greenwood Food Bank. Construction complete

Multi-Sport Courtyard—located across the street from the Boys and Girls Club, an informal basketball/hockey/soccer courtyard will provide recreation activities for teens.  Construction scheduled for Summer 2012.

What's Left?
—Volunteers are working with a local sculptor to add artwork to the fence around the community garden. Please contact us if you want to grind, bend, and weld metal for the art fence.

We are exploring opportunities to incorporate art into the sport court. We are looking to raise another $1,500 to complete the project.

Estimated Costs for Improvements to Greenwood Park

Community Garden:               $  77,000
Multi-Sport Courtyard:            $ 86,000

Remaining Small Projects:    $     1,500
Total Cost:                             $164,500

Amount Raised to Date:                            $ 163,000

Neighborhood Donations Needed:            $    1,500

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